We are excited to share with you through this blog our view on the state and use of quantum applications. Using the Anaqor platform to seamlessly integrate quantum into existing business models and processes, we enable companies of all sizes to leverage its potential. By providing an insight into both our software as well as quantum development expertise we want to engage with experts as well as newcomers and share our learnings on this journey.

We have set out to build a platform to enable institutions of all sizes to utilize quantum and machine learning applications. We are not the sole experts nor can all market participants be sustained by just a limited set of developers. So we intend to build an ecosystem through our platform that enables easy access to knowledge, applications and infrastructure.

Our blog posts are therefore not intended for one specific target group but rather for a multitude of developers, quantum enthusiasts, users and decision makers. As our ecosystem only profits from such a wide range of expertise and interests; our blog posts will be as diverse as the people using our products. So we are looking forward to taking you with us on this journey and we are looking forward to share with you the excitement of making quantum for institutions of all sizes available. 

Welcome to Anaqor!

Michael Falkenthal

Head of Technology

David Niehaus

Head of Product

Starting the journey