PlanQK Quantum Platform

The PlanQK platform is developed as part of a wider research project to support you through the whole quantum value chain, from the evaluation of quantum algorithms until publishing and operating them as paid quantum services that can be easily accessed by your customers.

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PlanQK Marketplace

Publish quantum services, applications and implementations to be found and used by customers across industries

Serverless Quantum

Transform your implementations into quantum services to enable an integration with external users without having to worry about DevOps aspects

Collaboration Platform

Start your new project by reaching out to researchers and developers to discuss and review new algorithms

Quantum Orchestration

We take care about the DevOps aspect of your services by providing a runtime environment that frees you from operational burdens required to run your services

Your Marketplace for Quantum Algorithms

The marketplace offers quantum services and implementations for a wide range of applications, using the best quantum backends for the respective task.

These applications and services are created by experts from different industries and can be easily used through standardized interfaces by enterprise customers. Leveraging the power of quantum computers has never been so easy!

/ PlanQK Quantum Deployment Platform
Publish your quantum implementations as services

PlanQK transforms your quantum implementation into services and applications, enabling you to distribute them as paid services and make them easily available accessible to customers.

How to Publish your App

Knowledge Platform and Experts

PlanQK is part of a research consortium which brings together experts from academica and industry to gather and enhance the knowledge about quantum algorithms, implementations and servization. This unique community of experts in their respective fields is constantly growing and united in their desire to collaboratively enhance our understanding of how to best utilize quantum computers. Join this community and find descriptions, discuss alogrithms or publish your own implementations.

Algorithmic Description and Implementations

Informal and formal mathematical description of a wide variety of quantum algorithms. Those include for example Shor’s Algorithm, Quantum Fourier Transformation, Quantum Approximate Optimization Algorithm (QAOA) and many more. Their high academic standard and reviews by experts in their respective field make them an ideal starting point for new implementations.

To help you utilize quantum algorithms you will find implementations in the forms of Jupyter notebooks or Python projects to download and help you with your next project. They can eben be published via the PlanQK marketplace on the platform and become available as an API call.

Definition of the QFT
Example QFT n=3